Nanotube size-dependent melting of single crystals in carbon nanotubes

2019-05-26 03:46:47

carbon nanotubes melting dependent crystals

责任者: Jiang, Q.;Aya, N.;Shi, F.G. 单位: Univ of California, Irvine, CA, USA 来源出处: Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing,1997,64(6):627-629 摘要: A model for the dependence of the melting temperature of nanocrystals on the size of carbon nanotubes is developed. The model is applied to investigate the nanotube size-dependent melting of TaC and Pb single crystals encapsulated in carbon nanotubes. It is shown that the melting temperature for these single crystals in carbon nanotubes can be strongly suppressed. The results also imply that nanotubes may provide an effective means for investigating the supercooled state of liquids and the liquid-glass transition. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Carbon;Melting;Single crystals;Mathematical models;Thermal effects;Encapsulation;Phase transitions;Lattice vibrations;Tantalum compounds;Lead;Carbon nanotube;Melting temperature;Nanotube size dependent melting;Liquid glass transition;Size dependent atomic vibration;Lindermann criterion