Processing of ilmenite through salt-water vapour roasting and leaching

2019-05-21 03:15:56

min NaCl leaching Na2SO4 ilmenite

责任者: Biswas, R.K.;Islam, M.F.;Habib, M.A. 单位: Univ of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh 来源出处: Hydrometallurgy,1996,42(3):367-375 摘要: The ilmenite fraction of beach sand has been processed through salt (NaCl, NaNO3 and Na2SO4)-water vapour roasting, followed by hydrochloric acid leaching. The optimum conditions for roasting are: 800°C (885°C for Na2SO4): 90 min (75 min for NaCl); ilmenite to salt (wt) ratio 1.70 for NaNO3, 2.00 for Na2SO4 and 0.67 for NaCl; N2 flow rate 84 ml/cm2 min; and water vapour pressure 0.042 bar. For the optimum leaching of ore, with a solid to liquid phase ratio (S/L) of 0.02 kg/l, a HCl concentration of 6 M (2 M for Na2SO4), a temperature of approximately equals 110°C, and a pulp agitation speed of approximately equals 350 min-1 are required. Under the above conditions 72.5%, 44.50% and 86.5% titanium and 96.0%, 55.9% and 71.0% iron are dissolved from ilmenite for NaCl, Na2SO4 and NaNO3 systems, respectively. 关键词: Leaching;Sand;Titanate minerals;Titanium dioxide;Solvent extraction;Hydrochloric acid;Sodium compounds;Salts;Vapor pressure;Beach sand;Ilmenite;Water vapour roasting;Acid leaching;Sodium salts