Building a bioelectronic interface

2019-05-19 04:25:35

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责任者: Saxton, Elaine;Marsh, Paul 单位: 来源出处: New Electronics,1996,29(3):18-20 摘要: Hand-held biosensor devices are finding many potential applications especially in health care which is starting to see a potential revolution in these devices for diagnosing and monitoring disease. The technology has already found reasonable success in blood glucose measuring kits for diabetic patients. In the food industry, the same technology could be used to construct a sensitive electronic device to detect nuances in the taste of wine or beer during production. This capability also promises to impact environmental monitoring, allowing easier detection of substances such as heavy metals, industrial residues and nitrates in water supplies. 关键词: Biosensors;Biotechnology;Nanotechnology;Biological materials;Electrodes;Electrochemical sensors;Piezoelectric devices;Optical sensors;Acoustic surface wave devices;Enzymes;Biomedical engineering;Bioelectronic interface;Piezoelectric sensors