Helical logic

2019-05-17 07:42:44

single logic electron helical nanotechnology

责任者: Merkle, Ralph C.;Drexler, K. Eric 单位: Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, CA, USA 来源出处: Nanotechnology,1996,7(4):325-339 摘要: Helical logic is a theoretical proposal for a future computing technology using the presence or absence of individual electrons (or holes) to encode 1s and 0s. This proposal combines thermodynamic reversibility with the use of single charge carriers. It permits a single electron to switch another single electron, and does not require that many electrons be used to switch one electron. The energy dissipated per logic operation can very likely to reduced to less than 10-27 J at 1 K and at 10 GHz. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Logic circuits;Logic devices;Electrons;Energy dissipation;Charge carriers;Helical logic;Thermodynamic reversibility