Transport properties of silicon nanostructures fabricated on SIMOX substrates

2019-05-16 01:32:12

single Si electron quantum silicon

责任者: Murase, Katsumi;Takahashi, Yasuo;Nakajima, Yasuyuki;Namatsu, Hideo;Nagase, Masao;Kurihara, Kenji;Iwadate, Kazumi;Horiguchi, Seiji;Tabe, Michiharu;Izum 单位: NTT LSI Lab, Kanagawa, Jpn 来源出处: Microelectronic Engineering,1995,28(1-4):399-405 摘要: Si quantum wires and Si single electron transistors were fabricated successfully by combination of SIMOX, e-beam lithography and thermal oxidation. In particular, pattern-dependent oxidation peculiar to a thin SIMOX-Si layer was utilized to the full extent for forming the tunnel capacitors of a single electron transistor. Owing to its ultra-small structure, a Si quantum wire 17 nm wide, 5 nm high and 60 nm long showed quantized conductance even at temperatures above 100 K. For a Si single electron transistor whose total capacitance was reduced to as small as 2 aF, conductance oscillation due to the Coulomb blockade effect persisted up to room temperature. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Semiconducting silicon;Substrates;Transport properties;Semiconductor quantum wires;Transistors;Ion implantation;Oxygen;Electron beam lithography;Thermooxidation;Capacitors;Electric resistance;Temperature;Silicon nanostructure fabrication;Silicon quantum wires;Silicon single electron transistors;Separation by implantation of oxygen;Pattern dependent oxidation;Tunnel capacitors;Coulomb blockade effect