Effects of electrode potential on nanostructure of single crystalline semiconduc

2019-05-12 23:00:42

potential characteristics semiconductor crystalline electrodes

责任者: Uosaki, K.;Koinuma, M. 单位: Hokkaido Univ, Sapporo, Jpn 来源出处: Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells,1995,38(1-4):347-348 摘要: Recently, it has been shown that the photoelectrochemical characteristics are strongly dependent on surface structure and, hence, specific faces of single crystalline semiconductor have been often used as electrodes. This paper demonstrates by in-situ AFM measurements that the surface structure of compound semiconductor electrodes and, therefore the electrochemical characteristics are changed very drastically by application of a potential even for very short time. 关键词: Electrochemical electrodes;Photoelectricity;Single crystals;Structure (composition);Surfaces;Atomic force microscopy;Semiconducting gallium arsenide;Semiconductor doping;Electric currents;Surface structure;Electrode potential;Single crystalline semiconductor electrodes;Photoelectrochemical characteristics