Nanoscale evaluation of structure and surface potential of gated field emitters

2019-05-12 16:52:13

potential field surface Microscope Maxwell

责任者: Itoh, Junji;Nazuka, Yutaro;Inoue, Takahito;Yokoyama, Hiroshi;Kanemaru, Seigo;Shimizu, Keizo 单位: Electrotechnical Lab, Ibaraki, Jpn 来源出处: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers & Short Notes & Review Papers,1995,34(12B):6912-6915 摘要: Both the structural and surface potential images of gated field emitters (GFEs) were measured using a scanning Maxwell-stress microscope (SMM) in air. Si cone-shaped and Mo disk-edge GFEs were measured. The experimental results clearly revealed differences in the surface potential for various materials and irregularities in the GFE structures which were too small to be found by conventional scanning electron microscope observations. It was also found that the surface potential of Si was rather flat even in the emitter tip apex. 关键词: Field effect transistors;Nanotechnology;Semiconductor device structures;Surface properties;Field emission microscopes;Microelectronics;Air;Semiconducting silicon;Aspect ratio;Probes;Substrates;Gated field emitters;Nanoscale evaluation;Surface potential;Scanning Maxwell stress microscope;Scanning force microscope;Vacuum microelectronics;Field emitter array;Work function