Computer simulation and measurement of capacitance-voltage characteristics in qu

2019-05-12 14:54:28

simulation electron quantum oxide MOS

责任者: Tsukui, Tetsuya;Oda, Shunri 单位: Tokyo Inst of Technology, Jpn 来源出处: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers & Short Notes & Review Papers,1995,34(2B):874-877 摘要: We have proposed the trench-oxide metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure as a novel quantum wire device. In this paper we present results of computer simulation based on a self-consistent system and calculated quantized electron distribution and capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristics. We have also fabricated the quantum wire MOS structure using electron beam lithography and electron cyclotron resonance reactive ion etching method and carried out measurements of C-V characteristics at 0.55 K. Possible evidence of one-dimensional quantum effect is obtained for the first time from C-V measurements using the 28 nm-wide trench-oxide structure. 关键词: Semiconducting silicon;Semiconductor device structures;Semiconductor quantum wires;MOS devices;Computer simulation;Nanotechnology;Electron beam lithography;Reactive ion etching;Electron cyclotron resonance;Capacitance measurement;Voltage measurement;Calculations;Electrons;Self consistent system;One dimensional quantum effect;Two dimensional computer simulation;Electron density of state;Electron wave functions