Derivation of the Casimir limit phonon distribution using the Boltzmann transpor

2019-05-11 18:22:16

function distribution equation Boltzmann phonon

责任者: Polsky, Y.;Bayazitoglu, Y. 单位: Rice Univ, Houston, TX, USA 来源出处: Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions ASME,1995,117(3):751-755 摘要: An analysis is presented which shows that by relating the mechanically described elastic energy density of a solid to its phonon description, it is possible to obtain the phonon equilibrium distribution function. The elastic representation of a solid provides a perspective for describing how the phonon distribution function is affected by temperature and indicates why the linearized Boltzmann transport equation used to derive Fouriers equation fails for nano/microscale heat transfer phenomena. 关键词: Heat transfer;Phonons;Elastic waves;Crystal lattices;Thermal effects;Linearization;Approximation theory;Heat flux;Pressure effects;Strain;Differentiation (calculus);Free energy;Boundary conditions;Boltzmann transport equation;Casimir limit;Fourier equation;Wave number;Boltzmann constant;Phonon equilibrium distribution function;Phonon phonon interference;Base Einstein distribution