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energy pit pitting Morphology Dept

责任者: LOU, L;NORDLANDER, P;SMALLEY, RE 单位: RICE UNIV,DEPT CHEM,HOUSTON,TX 77251.;RICE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,HOUSTON,TX 77251. 来源出处: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v 52, JUL 15 1995, p 1429- 1432 摘要: The electronic properties of fullerene nanotubes in strong electric fields are investigated using a density-functional cluster method. It is shown that the energy difference between the open-ended and the closed configurations decreases with increasing field. The field-induced stabilization is, however, not sufficient to make the energy of the open configuration lower than the energy of the capped structure. Nanotubes, including those with a finite band gap, are found to screen large external electric fields as do perfect conductors. 关键词: ANISOTROPIC PITTING; CHLORIDE SOLUTIONS; PASSIVITY; PIT INITIATION; PIT MORPHOLOGY; PITTING POTENTIAL MORPHOLOGY; PITTING POTENTIAL; TUBULES