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quantum Of polymers molecules chemistry

责任者: NOGLIK, H;PIETRO, WJ 单位: 来源出处: CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v 7, JUL 1995, p 1333- 1336 摘要: Pyridine-functionalized nanoclusters, recently reported in our laboratories, can undergo condensation polymerization with alpha,alpha-dibromo-p-xylene and other organic dihalides to form novel semiconductor quantum dot containing polymeric materials. These polymers are air and water stable and thermally stable and appear to form discrete spherical clusters of approximately 800-1000 Angstrom diameter, and linear assemblies several micrometers long. The polymers can be suspended in many organic solvents, swell dramatically in water, and are miscible with a variety of other polymers, such as polystyrene, casting processable films. The polymer films are both photoluminescent and electroluminescent. Electronic absorption, fluorescence, and H-1 NMR spectra along polymeric materials are reported. 关键词: FULLERENES; C-60; TUBULES; COLLECTIVE EXCITATIONS; COLLOIDAL METAL; CLUSTERS; PARTICLES; CHEMISTRY; STATE; SIZE; CDS; MOLECULES CHEMISTRY; STATE; SIZE; CDS; MOLECULES