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The strain using localised EDCI

责任者: JANSSENS, KGF;VANDERBIEST, O;VANHELLEMONT, J;MAES, HE;HULL, R;BEAN, JC 单位: IMEC,LOUVAIN,BELGIUM.;AT&T BELL LABS,MURRAY HILL,NJ 07974. 来源出处: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v 11, JAN 1995, p 66- 71 摘要: Understanding and controlling localised strain in semiconductor devices is one of the critical challenges confronting the designer of new technologies. Due to continuous scaling down in very large and ultralarge scale integration there is a growing requirement for techniques with sufficient capacity to characterise localised strain quantitatively with a resolution in the micrometre to nanometre range. The present paper reports such a technique, namely, electron diffraction contrast imaging (EDCI) using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). As a case study the characterisation of localised strain in a semiconductor laser structure is presented. The strain in the structure is modelled using finite element calculations, and the EDCI results are simulated using the Simcon software. The three-dimensional effects of TEM specimen preparation on the interpretation of EDCI results are also reported (C) 1995 The institute of Materials. 关键词: NHS NANOGOLD; PEPTIDE RECEPTORS; NEUROPEPTIDES; GOLD LABELING; NONRADIOACTIVE METHOD; RAT NONRADIOACTIVE METHOD; RAT; LASERS