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reactor adsorption semiconductor montmorillonite nanophase

责任者: DEKANY, I;TURI, L;TOMBACZ, E;FENDLER, JH 单位: SYRACUSE UNIV,DEPT CHEM,SYRACUSE,NY 13244. 来源出处: MAGYAR KEMIAI FOLYOIRAT, v 101, JUL 1995, p 296- 307 摘要: Subcolloidal (7-10 nm) CdS and ZnS semiconductors were prepared in suspensions with ethanol-cyclohexane or methanol-cyclohexane in the adsorption layer or interlamellar space on hydrophobic (HDP-montmorillonite) clay mineral surface. This adsorption Layer, and the interlamellar space between the silicate lamellae was used as a nanophase reactor for the in situ generation of size-quantized cadmium sulfide and zinc sulfide semiconductor particles from cadmium (or zinc) acetate and equivalent amounts of H2S. The volumes of the nanophase reactor in ethanol-cydohexane at a given mixture composition were determined, by adsorption excess isotherm and X-ray diffraction measurements. As expected, smaller sized semiconductor particles were generated in the smaller nanophase reactor, provided by the methanol-rich adsorption layer. Further reduction of semiconductor partides was accomplished by decreasing the concentration of their parent ions in the nanophase reactor. Incorporation of semiconductor nanocrystallites into HDP-montmorillonite manifested itself in increased yield stess and the structure building of the suspension. Information on the fractal dimensions of the semiconductor-clay organo-complex suspensions and on the radius of gyration of the nanoparticles was obtained by small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) measurements. The existence of nanoparticles on the hydrophobic montmorillonite was established by TEM and absorption spectrophotometric methods. 关键词: NHS NANOGOLD; PEPTIDE RECEPTORS; NEUROPEPTIDES; GOLD LABELING; NONRADIOACTIVE METHOD; RAT NONRADIOACTIVE METHOD; RAT; ALCOHOL-BENZENE MIXTURES; SURFACE MODIFICATION; SCATTERING; COMPLEXES