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cells concentrations aldosterone synthesis BENZODIAZEPINES

责任者: THOMSON, I;FRASER, R;KENYON, CJ 单位: WESTERN INFIRM & ASSOCIATED HOSP,MRC,BLOOD PRESSURE UNIT,GLASGOW G11 6NT,LANARK,SCOTLAND. 来源出处: JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v 53, JUN 1995, p 75- 79 摘要: Benzodiazepines affect steroidogenesis in at least four ways depending on concentration and adrenocortical cell type. Firstly, at micromolar concentrations, they inhibit steroidogenic enzymes. Competition for microsomal 17- and 21-hydroxylase activity explains the inhibition of ACTH-stimulated aldosterone and cortisol synthesis by diazepam and midazolam. At slightly higher concentrations, we have evidence that 11 beta-hydroxylase activity is also inhibited. Secondly, at sub-micromolar concentrations, calcium influx is inhibited. T-type and L-type calcium channels appear to be blocked, this impairs signal response coupling and, in particular; decreases angiotensin- and K+-stimulated aldosterone synthesis in zona glomerulosa cells. Thirdly, the mitochondrion of steroidogenic tissues is a sensitive site for the stimulatory effects of benzodiazepines. Aldosterone synthesis from added HDL-cholesterol by cultured bovine zona glomerulosa cells is stimulated by diazepam, R05-4864 and PK11195. The fourth site of benzodiazepines effect on steroidogenesis is particular to zona glomerulosa cells. In addition to cholesterol side chain cleavage, the final part of the aldosterone biosynthetic pathway, the conversion from deoxycorticosterone is controlled. Although high micromolar concentrations of diazepam appear to be inhibitory, lower nanomolar concentrations stimulate the synthesis of aldosterone from added deoxycorticosterone. In vivo, a fifth site of benzodiazepine activity may influence plasma steroid concentrations. Competition between steroids and benzodiazepines for hepatic clearance enzymes may affect half lives of both drugs and hormones. 关键词: ASTROCYTES; CALCIUM; FLUOXETINE; GLYCOGENOLYSIS; 5-HT RECEPTORS; SEROTONIN SEROTONIN; ADRENAL GLOMERULOSA CELLS; CALCIUM CHANNELS; RECEPTORS; LOCALIZATION; MITOCHONDRIA; DIAZEPAM MITOCHONDRIA; DIAZEPAM