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cells complications binding dependent ankyrin

责任者: DIAKOWSKI, W;SIKORSKI, AF 单位: UNIV WROCLAW,INST BIOCHEM,PL-51148 WROCLAW,POLAND. 来源出处: BIOCHEMISTRY, v 34, OCT 10 1995, p 13252- 13258 摘要: Binding of brain spectrin to frozen and thawed liposomes was studied, using a pelleting assay, as a function of Lipid composition. Saturable binding was observed for all lipid mixtures that included aminophospholipids, as well as for the total lipid of synaptic plasma membranes. Binding was strong and saturable, with dissociation constants in the nanomolar range. There were two pH optima at ca. 6.0 and 7.5 and a sharp ionic strength optimum, corresponding to physiological solvent conditions. No competition could be detected with extraneous globular proteins, serum albumin, and hemoglobin. The results imply a strong, direct interaction between brain spectrin and the neuronal plasma membrane in the cell. 关键词: CONTAMINANTS; HEMOPHILIA B; HIGH-PURITY FACTOR IX CONCENTRATES; THROMBOTIC COMPLICATIONS; VITAMIN-K-DEPENDENT PROTEINS THROMBOTIC COMPLICATIONS; VITAMIN-K-DEPENDENT PROTEINS; HUMAN-ERYTHROCYTE-MEMBRANE; BINDING-SITES; MECHANOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES; IONIC GEL; PROTEIN; ANKYRIN; CELLS; PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE; MICROTUBULES; IONIC GEL; PROTEIN; ANKYRIN; CELLS; PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE; MICROTUBULES; FLUORESCENCE FLUORESCENCE