Self assembling nanostructures for sustained ophthalmic drug delivery

2020-04-04 01:25:38

The particle release dependent Eudragit

责任者: Khopade, AJ;Jain, NK 单位: BHARATI VIDYAPEETHS POONA COLL PHARM,DEPT PHARMACEUT,POONA,MAHARASHTRA,INDIA. 来源出处: PHARMAZIE, v 50, DEC 1995, p 812- 814 摘要: Nanopseudolatex was prepared for sustained ophthalmic delivery. It was prepared by a solvent injection method without the use of any stabilizer. The acrylate copolymers Eudragit(R) RLPM and RSPM were used as carrier materials. Their formation was confirmed by electron microscopy. The system was extensively characterized for particle size, viscosity, sedimentation volume, encapsulation efficiency, in vitro release profile and pharmacodynamic properties. The particle size was found to be stirring rate dependent above the injection rate of 1 ml/min. Only at slow stirring rates it was temperature dependent. There was no sedimentation for about 60 d. The viscosity was 23-27 cps which was particle size dependent. The results show an excellent encapsulation efficiency of about 94-98%. Release studies showed slow and consistent drug release from the formulation. However, Eudragit RSPM showed comparatively longer release than Eudragit RLPM nanosuspensions. Using this method we have developed a new formulation of diclofenac diethyl ammonium which showed increased therapeutic efficacy as compared with eye drops. 关键词: picosecond; all-optical; switching; tunneling; spin-relaxation; NANOPARTICLES