Exafs study on the noncrystalline structure of binary component (BiCu, BiTe) nan

2020-03-31 06:30:43

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责任者: Itoh, M;Tohno, S;Adachi, M;Kimura, K 单位: KYOTO UNIV,INST ATOM ENERGY,UJI,KYOTO 611,JAPAN.;UNIV OSAKA PREFECTURE,ADV SCI & TECHNOL RES INST,SAKAI,OSAKA 593,JAPAN.;HIMEJI INST TECHNOL,FAC SCI,KAMIGORI,HYOGO 67812,JAPAN. 来源出处: SURFACE REVIEW AND LETTERS, v 3, FEB 1996, p 71- 74 摘要: From the viewpoint of the size dependence of the melting point of small particles, the microstructure of nanophase particles is investigated with EXAFS. Two EXAFS spectrum from BiCu and BiTe nanophase particles indicated the specific line shape due to the disorder of atomic structure of the particles, which was not found for corresponding bulk materials. This fact means that a nanophase particle has not only soft surface due to size effect but also a Liquid-like inner structure caused by a thermal fluctuation. 关键词: chemotherapy; drug delivery system; 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea; lipid microspheres; lipid 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea; lipid microspheres; lipid nanospheres; L1210 leukemia nanospheres; L1210 leukemia;