2018-09-14 22:23:48

potential 粘度 R407C 替代物 HCFC22

HCFC22作为一种重要的制冷剂,被广泛地应用于空调、热泵等方面。尽管其臭氧层消耗潜能ODP(Ozone Depletion Potential)值仅为0.05,但由于它对臭氧层仍有破坏作用,而且温室效应系数GWP(Global warming Potential)值为1700,因此也被列入蒙特利尔议定书修正案的禁用之列。本文的理论部分,就是探索研究适合我国国情的空调系统HCFC22的替代物。

As one kind of important refrigerant, HCFC22 has been used in air-conditioners, heat pumps, and so on. Though its ODP(Ozone Depletion Potential) is only 0.05, it will still deplete the ozone and its GWP(Global warming Potential) is 1700. So it will be phased out according to the Amendment of Montreal Protocol. The theoretical part of this paper is to investigate a better alternative of HCFC22 for the air-conditioner in our country.
Based on the development of the alternatives of HCFC22, through theoretical thermodynamic analysis and calculation, new blend refrigerant HFC32/HFC125/HFC152a is proposed. And variable working conditions, which may affect the performance of the new alternative, are also analyzed. Furthermore, its safety, including flammability and leakage, are discussed in theoretical model. All theoretical calculations show that the new alternative is one good “drop-in” replacement of HCFC22 with good thermal performance and better capability in environment and reliability.
In experimental study, serial steps are taken to promote the reliability of the oscillating disk viscometer. Careful analysis is concerned with the theory of oscillating-body viscometers, and, attention is called to the drag caused by the chuck, stem, mirror and holder. Then, oscillating phase angle is discussed in this paper. The gaseous viscosity of HCFC22 is measured to check the accuracy of the equipment. Compared with the reference, the maximum deviation of experimental result is less than 4.5%. Using this viscometer, we have mainly done the measurement of gaseous viscosity of R407C. There are 32 data from 295K to 352K and at pressure up to 2.34MPa. One equation for calculating the viscosity, dependent on temperature and density , correlates all experimental data of R407c.