Manufacture and characterization of nanocomposite thin films of Si-SiO2 and Ag-S

2020-03-30 09:30:43

Si films nanocomposite AG SiO2

责任者: Chang, ITH;Niu, F;Slimovici, D;Wildig, C;Leigh, PA;Dobson, PJ;Cantor, B 单位: UNIV OXFORD,OXFORD CTR ADV MAT & COMPOSITES,OXFORD OX1 3PH,ENGLAND. 来源出处: METASTABLE, MECHANICALLY ALLOYED AND NANOCRYSTALLINE MATERIALS, PTS 1 AND 2, v 225 1996, p 175- 178 摘要: Co-sputtering has been used to manufacture nanocomposite thin films of Si and Ag particles embedded in amorphous SiO2 and Si matrices respectively. A combination of transmission electron microscopy(TEM), Rutherford backscattering spectrometry(RBS), energy dispersive microanalysis (EDS) and UV-VIS spectrophotometry has been used to characterize the microstructures, compositions and optical behaviour of the nanocomposite thin films. In co-sputtered nanocomposite Si-SiO2 and Ag-Si films, the Si and Ag particles are typically 4-20nm in size. 关键词: nanocomposite; cosputtering; Si-SiO2; Ag-Si; TEM; XRD; UV-VIS;