Rapidly solidified Al85Ni15-xYx(x=5,8,10) alloys

2020-03-30 09:21:29

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责任者: Chang, ITH;Svec, P;Gogebakan, M;Cantor, B 单位: SLOVAK ACAD SCI,INST PHYS,SK-84228 BRATISLAVA,SLOVAKIA.;UNIV OXFORD,OXFORD CTR ADV MAT & COMPOSITES,OXFORD OX1 3PH,ENGLAND. 来源出处: METASTABLE, MECHANICALLY ALLOYED AND NANOCRYSTALLINE MATERIALS, PTS 1 AND 2, v 225 1996, p 335- 340 摘要: The crystallisation behaviour and microstructural development during annealing of amorphous melt-spun Al85Ni15-xYx(x=5,8,10) ribbons have been investigated by a combination of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), high resolution electron microscopy(HREM), wavelength dispersive microanalysis (WDS) and X-ray diffractrometry(XRD). The initial crystallisation peak of the amorphous Al85Ni15-xYx(x=5,8,10) alloys shows an increasing onset temperature from 210 degrees C to 265 degrees C and an increasing activation energy from 221kJ/mol to 240kJ/mol with increasing Y content from 5 to 10at.%. In addition, the onset crystallization temperature of amorphous Al85Ni5Y10 increases from 225 degrees C to 265 degrees C with increasing circumferential wheel speed from 8m/s to 47m/s. Isothermal annealing for one hour at temperatures in the range 260-400 degrees C produces microstructures consisting of a mixture of alpha-Al, Al3Y, AlYNi and Al3Ni phases. This paper describes in detail the effects of alloy composition and wheel speed on the mechanism and kinetics of crystallisation and subsequent solid phase transformations. 关键词: amorphous; nanocrystalline; AlNiY alloys; devitrification; TEM; XRD; DSC; AMORPHOUS-ALLOYS