The crystallization kinetics of Finemet type amorphous alloy before and after mi

2020-03-30 09:11:10

Fe crystallization amorphous alpha Finemet

责任者: Mochalova, TY;Kaloshkin, SD;Tomilin, IA;Obrucheva, EV;Jalnin, BV 单位: 来源出处: METASTABLE, MECHANICALLY ALLOYED AND NANOCRYSTALLINE MATERIALS, PTS 1 AND 2, v 225 1996, p 353- 358 摘要: The crystallization of amorphous Finemet type alloys has been investigated before and after milling. Comminution as well as mechanical treatment does not influence the formation of the alpha-Fe crystals in the amorphous phase. But it can lead to crystallization of the surface layers of the powder particles. This crystalline phase is characterised by an increased lattice parameter compared with that of pure alpha-Fe because of its supersaturation by Nb. On the contrary crystallization at high temperature leads to the formation of alpha-Fe with reduced lattice parameter caused by a high content of Si. It has been found out that the formation of nanocrystalline structure is controlled by the stage of nucleation.. One of the possible reason for retardation of alpha-Fe particles growth could be the strength tensions arisen in the grain boundaries at the crystallization. 关键词: Finemet; amorphous alloys; crystallization; ball milling;