NMR characterization of structure, backbone dynamics, and glutathione binding of

2020-03-30 09:06:11

15 structure factor glutathione inhibitory

责任者: Muhlhahn, P;Bernhagen, J;Czisch, M;Georgescu, J;Renner, C;Ross, A;Bucala, R;Holak, TA 单位: MAX PLANCK INST BIOCHEM,D-82152 MARTINSRIED,GERMANY.;UNIV STUTTGART,CHAIR INTERFACIAL ENGN,FRAUENHOFER INST,D-70569 STUTTGART,GERMANY.;PICOWER INST MED RES,MANHASSET,NY 11030. 来源出处: PROTEIN SCIENCE, v 5, OCT 1996, p 2095- 2103 摘要: Human macrophage migration inhibitory factor is a 114 amino acid protein that belongs to the family of immunologic cytokines. Assignments of H-1, N-15, and C-13 resonances have enabled the determination of the secondary structure of the protein, which consists of two alpha-helices (residues 18-31 and 89-72) and a central four-stranded beta-sheet. In the beta-sheet, two parallel beta-sheets are connected in an antiparallel sense. From the total of three cysteines present in the primary structure of MIE none was found to form disulfide bridges. H-1-N-15 heteronuclear T-1, T-2, and steady-state NOE measurements indicate that the backbone of MIF exists in a rigid structure of limited conformational flexibility (on the nanosecond to picosecond time scale). Several residues located in the loop regions and at the N termini of two helices exhibit internal motions on the 1-3 ns time scale. The capacity to bind glutathione was investigated by titration of a uniform N-15-labeled sample and led us to conclude that MIF has, at best, very low affinity for glutathione. 关键词: backbone dynamics; glutathione binding; human macrophage migration inhibitory factor; structure inhibitory factor; structure; NUCLEAR-MAGNETIC-RESONANCE; MODEL-FREE APPROACH; RELAXATION MEASUREMENTS; C-13/N-15-ENRICHED PROTEINS; 4-HELIX-BUNDLE PROTEIN; MEASUREMENTS; C-13/N-15-ENRICHED PROTEINS; 4-HELIX-BUNDLE PROTEIN; SEQUENTIAL ASSIGNMENT; MULTIDIMENSIONAL NMR; SECONDARY STRUCTURE; SEQUENTIAL ASSIGNMENT; MULTIDIMENSIONAL NMR; SECONDARY STRUCTURE; EXCHANGING PROTONS; LOOP MOBILITY EXCHANGING PROTONS; LOOP MOBILITY