Surface-induced organization of n-alkanes on nanostructured PTFE .1. Brillouin s

2020-03-30 09:01:43

films neutron scattering constants PARAFFINS

责任者: Jimenez, R;Kruger, JK;Bohn, KP;Fischer, C 单位: UNIV SAARLAND,FACHRICHTUNG EXPT PHYS 102,D-66041 SAARBRUCKEN,GERMANY. 来源出处: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v 8, OCT 7 1996, p 7579- 7587 摘要: Taking advantage of the surface-induced orientation of linear molecules on highly oriented nanostructured polytetrafluoroethylene, we were able to grow macroscopic single crystals of C25H52 (pentacosane). Using high-performance Brillouin spectroscopy, we determined for the first time the complete elastic tensor of an n-alkane. 关键词: backbone dynamics; glutathione binding; human macrophage migration inhibitory factor; structure inhibitory factor; structure; HEXATRIACONTANE SINGLE-CRYSTALS; X-RAY-SCATTERING; ELASTIC PROPERTIES; ROTATOR PHASES; NEUTRON-SCATTERING; TRANSITIONS; FILMS; POLYETHYLENE; ROTATOR PHASES; NEUTRON-SCATTERING; TRANSITIONS; FILMS; POLYETHYLENE; PARAFFINS; CONSTANTS PARAFFINS; CONSTANTS