Nanoscopic trigonal pyramidal crystallites in WS2-x sputtered thin films: A scan

2020-03-30 08:37:39

scanning nm growth films 20

责任者: Ballif, C;Regula, M;Remskar, M;Sanjines, R;Levy, F 单位: JOZEF STEFAN INST,LJUBLJANA 61111,SLOVENIA. 来源出处: SURFACE SCIENCE, v 366, OCT 20 1996, p L703- L708 摘要: We present original scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) images of the first growth stages of crystalline, textured WS,, thin films (x = 0.2-0.4) prepared by reactive RF magnetron sputtering. In the first 10-20 nm of thickness, the films grow in the shape of trigonal pyramids with typical lateral size in the 20 nm range. Step heights of 0.6 nm show that the films grow by molecular layers rather than by complete 2H or 3R polytypic unit cells of c parameters 1.2 or 1.8 nm. The triangular shapes reflect the symmetry of the trigonal prismatic unit and the pyramidal arrangement indicates a rhombohedral stacking. The growth process is three-dimensional, including some spiral growth. 关键词: growth; scanning tunnelling microscopy; sputter deposition; surface topography; tungsten sulphide topography; tungsten sulphide; TUNNELING-MICROSCOPY; IMAGE