Enhanced Raman scattering from self-affine thin films

2020-03-30 08:05:44

self 1996 Raman SERS affine

责任者: Poliakov, EY;Shalaev, VM;Markel, VA;Botet, R 单位: NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,LAS CRUCES,NM 88003.;UNIV PARIS 11,CTR ORSAY,PHYS SOLIDES LAB,F-91405 ORSAY,FRANCE. 来源出处: OPTICS LETTERS, v 21, OCT 15 1996, p 1628- 1630 摘要: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) from a self-affine surface is shown to be very large. A theory is developed expressing this SERS in terms of the eigenmodes of a self-affine surface; the theory successfully explains the observed SERS from cold-deposited thin films that are known to have a self-affine structure. Spatial distributions of local fields at the fundamental and Stokes frequencies are strongly inhomogeneous and contain hot zones (high-field areas) localized in nanometer-sized regions that can be spatially separated for the two waves. (C) 1996 Optical Society of America 关键词: carbon clusters; field evaporation; graphite; scanning tunneling microscopy microscopy; MICROSCOPY