The interaction of adhesive systems with human dentin

2020-03-30 07:38:05

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责任者: Perdigao, J;Lambrechts, P;VanMeerbeek, B;Braem, M;Yildiz, E;Yucel, T;Vanherle, G 单位: INST SUPER CIENCIAS SAUDE,SCH DENT,MONTE DE CAPARICA,PORTUGAL.;BELGIAN NATL FUND SCI RES,BRUSSELS,BELGIUM.;UNIV ANTWERP,RUCA,LAB DENT MAT,DEPT TEWO,B-2020 ANTWERP,BELGIUM.;ISTANBUL UNIV,DEPT OPERAT DE 来源出处: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY, v 9, AUG 1996, p 167- 173 摘要: Purpose: To investigate the interaction of six experimental and commercial bonding systems with dentin in vivo. Materials and Methods: One-Step, Clearfil Liner Bond 2, OptiBond, Permagen with 10% phosphoric acid, Permagen with 35% phosphoric acid, and Prime & Bond were applied in standard Class I occlusal cavities in premolars scheduled for extraction for orthodontic reasons, combined either with a self-cured or with a light-cured resin composite. The teeth were carefully extracted 5 minutes after resin polymerization and fixed in 2.5% glutaraldehyde. After fixation, the specimens were dehydrated, sectioned, and processed for field-emission SEM. Results: Although some systems produced gap-free intact interfaces in specific specimens, all of them showed detachment at the transition between the resin-dentin interdiffusion zone and the fluid resin placed over it. It was apparent that the presence of air-bubbles and/or thick layers of polymerized-filled fluid resin resulted in less frequent separation areas at the resin-dentin interface, providing support for the concept of the elastic cavity wall. It was also confirmed that some dentin adhesive systems do not form a thick layer over the dentin, otherwise the resin composite would not have penetrated the dentin tubules. 关键词: carbon clusters; field evaporation; graphite; scanning tunneling microscopy microscopy; INTERDIFFUSION ZONE; MARGINAL ADAPTATION; COMPARATIVE SEM; HYBRID LAYER; RESIN; STRESS; POLYMERIZATION; RESTORATIONS; NANOLEAKAGE; LAYER; RESIN; STRESS; POLYMERIZATION; RESTORATIONS; NANOLEAKAGE; COMPOSITES COMPOSITES