Nanostructure of giant magnetoresistive oxide film Nd2/3Sr1/3MnO3 by scanning tu

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The layer film surface platelets

责任者: Ramaswamy, G;Raychaudhuri, AK 单位: 来源出处: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v 80, OCT 15 1996, p 4519- 4522 摘要: Scanning tunneling microscopy was used to study the surface nanostructure of the epitaxial him Nd2/3Sr1/3MnO3 that shows giant magnetoresistance. The surface morphology of the film consists of a number of overlapping platelets of about 30-35 Angstrom diameter that grow at an angle of 35 degrees-45 degrees to the surface normal. The peak to peak height of the platelets are multiples of the c-axis lattice parameter of 7.85 Angstrom showing that the growth of the platelets takes place by the layer by layer addition of one formula unit. The mean surface roughness is about 10 Angstrom. In the range of a few microns the film exhibits no defects or dislocations. The film is unstable in ambient atmosphere and tends to get covered by an adsorbate layer. Tip-surface interactions cause the adsorbate to be dislodged exposing the surface nanostructure. The degradation of the film in real time when imaged in air was recorded. The adsorbates increase the surface roughness of the film. 关键词: magnetic multilayers; soft magnetic films; THIN-FILMS