Direct determination of bare confinement potentials in AlGaAs/GaAs split-gate qu

2020-03-30 06:02:46

quantum split structures gate spectroscopy

责任者: Wang, SN;Yamanaka, K;Hirakawa, K;Noguchi, M;Ikoma, T 单位: TOSHIBA CO LTD,CTR RES & DEV,KAWASAKI,KANAGAWA 210,JAPAN.;TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC,TSUKUBA RES & DEV CTR,TSUKUBA,IBARAKI 305,JAPAN. 来源出处: JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 2-LETTERS, v 35, OCT 1 1996, p L1249- L1252 摘要: We have investigated the far-infrared (FIR) photoresponse of the magnetoresistance of the quasi-one-dimensional electron systems in AlGaAs/GaAs split-gate single quantum wire (QWR) structures. It was found that the QWR structures exhibit photoinduced resistance change due to resonant FIR absorption between the magnetoelectric subbands. From a spectroscopic analysis based on the generalized Kohns theorem, the lateral bare confinement potential, Vb, in the split-gate QWR structures has been determined directly. The Vb obtained is in good agreement with a theoretical prediction based on simple electrostatics, indicating that FIR spectroscopy is a suitable tool for characterizing the electronic structures in quantum wire structures. 关键词: quantum wire; split gate; electron confinement potential; far-infrared spectroscopy; electronic states; magnetotransport; nanostructure spectroscopy; electronic states; magnetotransport; nanostructure; CHANNELS; TRANSPORT; STATES