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plasma mice normal levels Nottingham

责任者: WOOD, AC;TODD, I 单位: UNIV NOTTINGHAM HOSP,QUEENS MED CTR,DEPT CLIN LAB SCI,DIV IMMUNOL,NOTTINGHAM NG7 2UH,ENGLAND.;UNIV NOTTINGHAM HOSP,QUEENS MED CTR,DEPT CLIN LAB SCI,DIV MICROBIOL,NOTTINGHAM NG7 2UH,ENGLAND. 来源出处: FEMS IMMUNOLOGY AND MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, v 11, APR 1995, p 91- 97 摘要: Groups of BALB/c mice were treated with a sub-lethal dose (60 mu g) of staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEE) intraperitoneally and were sacrificed at 2, 5, 8, or 10 h post-injection. Organ, blood plasma and lymph node samples from these mice were analyzed. Plasma levels of urea, creatinine and alanine aminotransferase were significantly raised above normal by 5 h post-injection. However, alkaline phosphatase levels showed an erratic increase after toxin administration and, after administration of 10-40 mu g SEB per mouse, were consistently at least 30% below normal levels at 24 h post-injection. Weight change was also monitored but found to be inconsistent. Lung, spleen and kidney samples appeared normal on histopathological examination, but liver samples showed minor polymorph infiltration and congestion. TNF-alpha, and IL-1 alpha levels in the plasma were raised by 8 h to picogram levels per mi of plasma, whereas IFN-gamma and IL-2 were raised by 2 h to nanogram levels per mi of plasma. Lymph node cells taken from mice treated with toxin were given a secondary stimulation with toxin in vitro. Although the response of the cells was lower than normal on assay at four days, a time response curve showed a peak in cell responsiveness to secondary stimulation with toxin at three days. These data indicate that biochemical markers and cytokine levels are affected by the administration of SEE to mice and may be used as indicators of toxicity. 关键词: STAPHYLOCOCCAL ENTEROTOXIN B; MOUSE MODEL; BIOCHEMICAL MARKER; CYTOKINE; T-CELL CYTOKINE; T-CELL; TUMOR-NECROSIS-FACTOR; SHOCK SYNDROME TOXIN-1; ENDOTOXIN; ANERGY; SUPERANTIGEN; INDUCTION; AUREUS; ALPHA; GOATS; FEVER SUPERANTIGEN; INDUCTION; AUREUS; ALPHA; GOATS; FEVER