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cell antigen natural response Marseille

责任者: COUISSINIERPARIS, P;BOURGOIS, A;DESSEIN, H;BACELLAR, O;RODRIGUES, V;KOHLSTADT, S;BUONAVISTA, N;PENE, J;DESSEIN, AJ 单位: FAC MED MARSEILLE,INSERM,U399,PARASITOL LAB,F-13385 MARSEILLE 5,FRANCE.;FAC MED MARSEILLE,IMMUNOL & GENET MALAD PARASITAIRES LAB,F-13385 MARSEILLE,FRANCE.;CTR IMMUNOL MARSEILLE LUMINY,INSERM,U136,MARS 来源出处: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, v 25, APR 1995, p 903- 910 摘要: Vaccine-induced immunity to Schistosoma mansoni infection depends on the specific priming of certain T cell subsets and on the recall of this response by natural infections months or years after vaccine administration. Thus, those schistosome proteins that activate T cells in individuals stimulated by natural infections are potential candidate vaccine antigens. In the present study, we identified and purified one such T cell-stimulating antigen and evaluated its immunological properties in subjects living in an area endemic for Schistosoma mansoni. Chromatography fractions (gel filtration, followed by ion exchange chromatography) of soluble extracts of schistosomula were screened for their ability to stimulate schistosome-specific T cell clones derived from a subject sensitized by natural infection. A fraction stimulating most clones was identified and characterized. A few nanograms of this fraction, containing a major 9-10-kDa component, stimulated the T helper cells of most adults living in an endemic area of Brazil, and was able to trigger a strong cutaneous immediate hypersensitivity reaction. In contrast, children reacted weakly to this antigen preparation both in blastogenesis and in skin tests, although they mounted a significant reaction to crude larval antigen preparations. In conclusion, this work identifies a schistosomula antigen that induces a strong T cell response in adults sensitized by natural infections. This T cell response develops gradually in children and adolescents, is apparently not restricted by the HLA haplotypes common in the study area, and allows the production of parasite-specific IgE antibodies. Thus, this T cell response has some features of the immune response that is believed to protect chronically exposed humans from reinfection. 关键词: SCHISTOSOMIASIS; VACCINE; T LYMPHOCYTE IGE; P-STRAIN MICE; PROTECTIVE IMMUNITY; IRRADIATED CERCARIAE; IMMUNOLOGICAL RESPONSE; MURINE SCHISTOSOMIASIS; MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODIES; INDUCED RESPONSE; MURINE SCHISTOSOMIASIS; MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODIES; INDUCED RESISTANCE; NONLIVING VACCINE; MOLECULAR-CLONING; LYMPHOCYTES-T RESISTANCE; NONLIVING VACCINE; MOLECULAR-CLONING; LYMPHOCYTES-T