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detection chromatography MS Of MALDI

责任者: PASCH, H;RODE, K 单位: 来源出处: JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, v 699, MAY 5 1995, p 21- 29 摘要: Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometric (MALDI-MS) detection is a powerful alternative to conventional refractive index or ultraviolet detection in the liquid chromatography of oligomers and polymers. As a molar mass-sensitive detector, MALDI-MS is capable of providing information on the molar mass and the chemical structure of fractions from liquid chromatographic separations. Although it is currently used only in the off-line mode, MALDI-MS yields fast and reliable results, consuming minimum amounts of a few nanograms. For a number of applications it is shown that MALDI-MS experiments can be carried out with fractions taken directly from the eluate after chromatographic separations on an analytical scale. 关键词: DIAMOND FILMS; TRIBOLOGY; LASER IRRADIATION; SIZE-EXCLUSION CHROMATOGRAPHY; LIGHT-SCATTERING; CRITICAL RANGE; RI DETECTION; MACROMOLECULES; COPOLYMERS; ADDITIVES; PLASTICS; OXIDE; UV DETECTION; MACROMOLECULES; COPOLYMERS; ADDITIVES; PLASTICS; OXIDE; UV