2020-03-26 13:32:55

The strategy materials host nanocomposites

责任者: GIANNELIS, E 单位: 来源出处: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v 245 1995, p 259- 281 摘要: Self-assembled organic-inorganic nanostructures were synthesized by intercalation of layered silicates. The materials design and synthesis rely on hydrogen and van der Waals interactions and largely depart from the more conventional synthesis based on covalent bonding. By controlling subtle guest-host interactions, the properties of the assembly can be dramatically altered. Polymer nanocomposites can also be synthesized by intercalative polymerization and direct polymer intercalation using a similar methodology. The physical and mechanical properties of the resulting nanocomposites are attributed to the confinement of the polymer chains in the nanometer-size galleries of the host. 关键词: POLY(METHYL-3-THIOPHENE); IN SITU AFM; STRUCTURE MODIFICATION; MICA-TYPE SILICATES; GUEST HOST INTERACTIONS; INTERCALATION; NANOCOMPOSITES; STRATEGY NANOCOMPOSITES; STRATEGY