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layered clays chemistry gallery

责任者: PINNAVAIA, TJ 单位: MICHIGAN STATE UNIV,CTR FUNDAMENTAL MAT RES,E LANSING,MI 48824. 来源出处: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v 245 1995, p 283- 300 摘要: Layered compounds can be transformed into pillared nanoporous derivatives in which chemical functionality is designed into the layered host, the pillaring guest, or both. Layered silicate clays and layered double hydroxides represent two complementary structures well-suited for pillaring. In smectite clays, the gallery region between layers can be expanded by intercalative ion-exchange reaction with robust cations. Supergallery clays and tubular silicate-layered silicate heterostructures formed by the intercalation of sol particles is a promising means of forming derivatives in which the gallery height is substantially larger than the thickness of the host layers. Delaminated smectite clays with edge-face layer assembly are a complementary class of nanoporous materials. Layered double hydroxides are pillarable by intercalation of robust polyoxometalate anions and disk-shaped metallo macrocyclic anions. Other layered materials, with functional gallery surfaces, such Group IV metal phosphates, can be pillared by covalently cross-linking adjacent layers with rigid organo groups. In situ formation of gallery pillars by hydrolysis and condensation polymerization of metal alkoxides represents yet another exciting approach to pillared layered structures. 关键词: POLY(METHYL-3-THIOPHENE); IN SITU AFM; STRUCTURE MODIFICATION; DOUBLE HYDROXIDES LDHS; PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES; PILLARED DERIVATIVES; MOLECULAR-SIEVE; CLAYS; PHOSPHONATES; PRECURSORS; DERIVATIVES; MOLECULAR-SIEVE; CLAYS; PHOSPHONATES; PRECURSORS; CATALYSTS; HYDROTALCITE; CHEMISTRY CATALYSTS; HYDROTALCITE; CHEMISTRY