2020-03-26 13:19:10

state solid molecular reactions chemistry

责任者: STEIGERWALD, ML 单位: 来源出处: MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v 245 1995, p 373- 396 摘要: Herein we describe and analyze a number of reactions that lead from molecular reagents to solid-state products. The processes that take molecules to solids can be arrested before the final solid product is fully formed. Intermediates in these reactions are nanometer-sized fragments of the bulk solids in several instances and monodisperse molecular clusters in other cases. The cluster compounds that result from these arrested reactions are analyzed in the context of solid-state materials chemistry in order to reveal some of the similarities and differences between the molecular and solid-state regimes. 关键词: POLY(METHYL-3-THIOPHENE); IN SITU AFM; STRUCTURE MODIFICATION; SEMICONDUCTOR CLUSTERS; ORGANOMETALLIC SYNTHESIS; CADMIUM-SULFIDE; METAL; NANOCLUSTERS; GROWTH; CRYSTALLITES; PRECURSORS; TRANSITION; METAL; NANOCLUSTERS; GROWTH; CRYSTALLITES; PRECURSORS; TRANSITION; CHEMISTRY CHEMISTRY