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carbon Japan aromatic Dept Shizuoka

责任者: YOSHIDA, M;OSAWA, E;AIHARA, JI 单位: SHIZUOKA UNIV,FAC SCI,DEPT CHEM,OYA,SHIZUOKA 422,JAPAN.;TOYOHASHI UNIV TECHNOL,DEPT KNOWLEDGE BASED INFORMAT ENGN,TOYOHASHI,AICHI 441,JAPAN. 来源出处: JOURNAL OF THE CHEMICAL SOCIETY-FARADAY TRANSACTIONS, v 91, JUN 7 1995, p 1563- 1565 摘要: Percentage topological resonance energies (%E(tr)s) have been estimated for 15 hypothetical carbon nanotoroids composed of 240 carbon atoms. These carbon materials were predicted to be moderately aromatic with moderately large positive %E(tr)s. They are presumably less aromatic than graphite and carbon nanotubes, but must be appreciably more aromatic than fullerenes such as C-60 and C-70. It seems that superaromaticity arising from torus-shaped super-ring structures is negligible. 关键词: HETEROPOLY TUNGSTOPHOSPHATE; REDOX; ELECTROCATALYSIS; CYCLIC VOLTAMMETRY; RESONANCE ENERGIES; GRAPHITIC CARBON; TOROIDAL FORMS; FULLERENES; HYDROCARBONS HYDROCARBONS