2020-03-24 00:04:22

time field plasma corona dependent

责任者: WALSH, RW;BELL, GE;HOOD, AW 单位: 来源出处: SOLAR PHYSICS, v 161, OCT 1995, p 83- 102 摘要: The problem of how the corona is heated is of central importance in solar physics research. Here it is assumed that the heating occurs in a regular time-dependent manner and the response of the plasma is investigated. If the magnetic field is strong then the dynamics reduces to a one-dimensional problem along the field. In addition if the radiative time in the corona is much longer than the sound travel time then the plasma evolves isobarically. The frequency with which heat is deposited in the corona is investigated and it is shown that there is a critical frequency above which a hot corona can be maintained and below which the plasma temperature cools to chromospheric values. An evaluation of the isobaric assumption to the solar corona and the implications of time-dependent heating upon the forthcoming SOHO observations are also presented. 关键词: HNRNP; NANOES-MS; ONCOGENE; PEPTIDE SEQUENCING; RNA BINDING PROTEINS; RESONANT ABSORPTION; MAGNETIC-FIELDS; ALFVEN WAVES; LOOPS; NANOFLARES