Electrical modification in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films by chemical bath deposition p

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electrical potential films surface CdS

责任者: Jiang, C.-S.;Noufi, R.;Ramanathan, K.;Moutinho, H.R.;Al-Jassim, M.M. 单位: Nat. Renewable Energy Lab., Golden, CO, USA 来源出处: Journal of Applied Physics(J. Appl. Phys. (USA)),2005/03/01,97(5):53701-1 摘要: We have measured the two-dimensional electrical potential distribution on the surface of photovoltaic Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) thin films using the nanoscale electrical characterization of scanning Kelvin probe microscopy. The potential peak on the grain boundaries becomes sharper after the sample is rinsed in high-purity water, and the height of the potential peak becomes smaller after chemical treatments in a solution similar to that used in the chemical bath deposition of CdS films. This demonstrates an effect of surface Na removal by the water rinsing and downward band bending on the CIGS film surface induced by the chemical treatment. This electrical modification is expected to benefit the properties of the electrical junction and, hence, CIGS/CdS device performance 关键词: copper compounds;gallium compounds;grain boundaries;indium compounds;optical films;scanning probe microscopy;semiconductor thin films;surface cleaning;surface conductivity;surface photovoltage;surface potential;ternary semiconductors;electrical modification;CuInSe2 thin film;CuGaSe2 thin film;chemical bath deposition process;CdS films;two-dimensional electrical potential distribution;photovoltaic thin film surface;nanoscale electrical characterization;scanning Kelvin probe microscopy;potential peak;grain boundaries;chemical treatments;surface Na removal;downward band bending;electrical junction;Cu(In, Ga)Se2-CdS device performance;CdS;CuGaSe2;CuInSe2