Nanotribology - implementation of functional molecularly thin lubricant film

2020-03-14 02:00:59

pressure chemical lubricant Japan PFPE

责任者: Mitsuya, Y. 单位: 来源出处: Journal of the Japan Society of Precision Engineering(J. Jpn. Soc. Precis. Eng. (Japan)),2005//,71(9):1063-7 摘要: The article describes the following nanotribology phenomena: lubricant films; PFPE and DLC; Laplace pressure and disjoining pressure; head disk interfaces; chemical texture and spreading 关键词: diamond-like carbon;hard discs;lubricants;magnetic heads;nanocontacts;polymers;tribology;wetting;nanotribology;functional molecularly thin lubricant film;PFPE;DLC;Laplace pressure;disjoining pressure;head disk interfaces;chemical texture;spreading;C