Development of time comparison equipment for ETS-VIII satellite

2020-03-13 16:51:12

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责任者: Nakagawa, F.;Takahashi, Y.;Gotoh, T.;Fujieda, M.;Hosokawa, M.;Kiuchi, H.;Imac, M. 单位: Nat. Inst. of Inf. & Commun. Technol., Tokyo, Japan 来源出处: Transactions of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Part C(Trans. Inst. Electr. Eng. Jpn. C (Japan)),2005//,125-C(8):1244-53 摘要: Engineering test satellite VIII (ETS-VIlI) is planning to be launched in 2005 for fundamental studies on satellite positioning technologies and is the one first to be installed a highly precise cesium clock in Japan. To measure the clock offset between the satellite and the TCE Earth station, time comparison equipment (TCE) has been developed in the NICT. The TCE will be used to measure both code and carrier phases and this system will improve two way time and frequency transfer. This equipment makes it possible to compare two clocks with high precision. Moreover, TCE and TCE Earth stations have abilities to remove the delay caused by terrestrial ionosphere and that between the receivers and transmitters. We estimated measurement precision in code and carrier phases. Furthermore, from the examinations using TCE-EM (engineering model), we confirmed that TCE is able to measure the phases of clock with precision of sub-nanoseconds by code phase observation and of a few picoseconds by carrier phase observation 关键词: artificial satellites;atomic clocks;ionospheric techniques;time measurement;time comparison equipment;ETS-VIII satellite;engineering test satellite VIII;satellite positioning technologies;precise cesium clock;Japan;clock offset measurement;NICT;time transfer;frequency transfer;Earth stations;terrestrial ionosphere;code phase observation;carrier phase observation