Experimental study on wet thermal and PECVD oxides for GOI fabrication

2020-03-12 10:26:49

thickness oxidation oxide oxides PECVD

责任者: Young Tae Byun;Young Min Jhon;Sun Ho Kim 单位: Photonics Res. Center, Korea Inst. of Sci. & Technol., Seoul, South Korea 来源出处: Sae Mulli(Sae Mulli (South Korea)),Sept. 2005,51(3):254-9 摘要: Oxides necessary for GOI (GaAs-on-insulator) fabrication with the application of Smart-cut technology were studied by using a wet oxidation technique and a PECVD process. A NANOSPEC was used to measure the thickness and the data distribution (range) of oxides. In order to reduce the roughness of PECVD oxides, we used a wet oxidation technique to oxide the PECVD oxides. The data distribution of heat-treated oxides was reduced to the same value (12 Å) that was obtained in the thermal oxides. In addition, both the oxidation temperature and the oxide thickness, when cracks were not formed for oxide surfaces, were investigated. As a result, we found that cracks were not formed for oxide thickness of less than 5000 Å when the oxidation temperatures were in the range of 650 - 800°C 关键词: gallium arsenide;heat treatment;III-V semiconductors;oxidation;plasma CVD;PECVD;GOI;GaAs-on-insulator;Smart-cut technology;wet oxidation technique;heat-treated oxides;oxidation temperature;oxide thickness;cracks;12 angstrom;5000 angstrom;650 to 800 degC;GaAs