DNA patterning by nano-imprinting technique and its application for bio-chips

2020-03-11 21:00:13

DNA technique Japan Technol nanopatterning

责任者: Tabata, H.;Uno, T.;Ohtake, T.;Kawai, T. 单位: CREST, Japan Sci. & Technol. Agency, Saitama, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology(J. Photopolym. Sci. Technol. (Japan)),2005//,18(4):519-22 摘要: DNA nanopatterning has been performed with a pitch of 50-100 nm by nano-imprinting technique. Poly-L-lysine is quite effective to immobilize the DNA molecules. This is promising technique to make nanopatterning without a photo mask process. DNA chip has been also fabricated by using IS-FET device as a transducer 关键词: DNA;molecular biophysics;nanolithography;nanopatterning;proteins;DNA patterning;poly-L-lysine;nanopatterning;nanoimprinting;biochips;photo mask process;DNA chip;ISFET;transducer