Synthesis and characterization of nanosize ceria-gadolinia powders

2020-03-11 05:55:58

nm CGO Japan ceria gadolinia

责任者: Vasylkiv, O.;Kolodiazhnyi, T.;Sakka, Y.;Skorokhod, V.V. 单位: Int. Center for Young Sci., Nat. Inst. for Mater. Sci., Ibaraki, Japan 来源出处: Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan(J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn. (Japan)),2005/01/,113(1):101-6 摘要: Three different methods of synthesis of ceria-gadolinia (CGO) nanopowders are presented. We established a technique of the synthesis of uniformly aggregated, agglomerate-free CGO in which ceria-gadolinia composite nano-aggregates (15-40 nm) are prepared by nucleation and crystallization of ceria on the surface of preliminary synthesized, hydrolyzed and ultrasonically de-agglomerated gadolinia (3-17 nm). Nano-size aggregates (12-65 nm) of CGO were produced during subsequent non-isothermal calcination. The incorporation of the small concentrations of gadolinia in the ceria lattice was studied using the electron spin resonance technique. It was confirmed that Gd3+ occupies the sites of both cubic and axial symmetry. With increasing concentration, Gd3+ forms a defect complex with the oxygen vacancy 关键词: aggregates (materials);calcination;cerium compounds;crystallisation;gadolinium compounds;nanocomposites;nanoparticles;nanotechnology;nucleation;paramagnetic resonance;vacancies (crystal);nanosize ceria-gadolinia powders;ceria-gadolinia composite nanoaggregates;nucleation;crystallization;subsequent nonisothermal calcination;electron spin resonance;Gd3+;cubic symmetry;axial symmetry;oxygen vacancy;3 to 65 nm;CeO2:Gd2O3