Bulk cohesive energy and surface tension from the size-dependent evaporation stu

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energy surface nanoparticles tension dependent

责任者: Nanda, K.K. 单位: Mater. Res. Centre, Indian Inst. of Sci., India 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),2005/07/11,87(2):21909-1 摘要: In this letter, it is shown that the bulk cohesive energy (EB) and bulk surface tension (γ) can be deduced from the size-dependent evaporation (SDE) study of free nanoparticles. The surface tension of nanoparticles (γn) is obtained by analyzing SDE data on the basis of the Kelvin equation, while EB is obtained by reanalyzing the SDE data. By comparing the size-dependent melting and the SDE of nanoparticles, γ is evaluated 关键词: binding energy;evaporation;nanoparticles;surface tension;size-dependent evaporation;surface tension;cohesive energy;free nanoparticles;Kelvin equation;melting