Single-shot readout with the radio-frequency single-electron transistor in the p

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single noise charge shot readout

责任者: Buehler, T.M.;Reilly, D.J.;Starrett, R.P.;Greentree, A.D.;Hamilton, A.R.;Dzurak, A.S.;Clark, R.G. 单位: Centre for Quantum Comput. Technol., Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),2005/04/04,86(14):143117-1 摘要: The radio-frequency single-electron transistor (rf-SET) possesses key requirements necessary for reading out a solid state quantum computer. This work explores the use of the rf-SET as a single-shot readout device in the presence of 1/f and telegraph charge noise. For a typical spectrum of 1/f noise we find that high fidelity, single-shot measurements are possible for signals Δq>0.01e. For the case of telegraph noise, we present a cross-correlation measurement technique that uses two rf-SETs to suppress the effect of random switching events on readout. We demonstrate this technique by monitoring the charge state of a metal double dot system on microsecond time scales. Such a scheme will be advantageous in achieving high readout fidelity in a solid-state quantum computer 关键词: 1/f noise;electron device noise;nanoelectronics;readout electronics;shot noise;single electron transistors;radiofrequency single electron transistors;solid state quantum computer;single shot readout device;telegraph charge noise;1/f noise;random switching effect;charge state;metal double dot system;microsecond time scale;readout fidelity;nanoelectronics;shot noise