Electron transport and hot phonons in carbon nanotubes

2020-03-01 09:59:29

optical transport electron nanotubes phonon

责任者: Lazzeri, M.;Piscanec, S.;Mauri, F.;Ferrari, A.C.;Robertson, J. 单位: Inst. de Miner. et de Phys. des Milieux Condenses, Paris, France 来源出处: Physical Review Letters(Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA)),2005/12/02,95(23):236802-1 摘要: We demonstrate the key role of phonon occupation in limiting the high-field ballistic transport in metallic carbon nanotubes. In particular, we provide a simple analytic formula for the electron transport scattering length, which we validate by accurate first principles calculations on (6,6) and (11,11) nanotubes. The comparison of our results with the scattering lengths fitted from experimental I-V curves indicates the presence of a nonequilibrium optical phonon heating induced by electron transport. We predict an effective temperature for optical phonons of thousands Kelvin 关键词: ab initio calculations;ballistic transport;carbon nanotubes;electron-phonon interactions;high field effects;electron transport;hot phonons;carbon nanotubes;phonon occupation;high-field ballistic transport;simple analytic formula;first principles calculations;scattering lengths;nonequilibrium optical phonon heating;effective temperature;optical phonons;C