Non-equilibrium acoustic phonons in nanocrystalline ceramics based on C-modifica

2020-03-01 09:48:02

ceramics acoustic modification Y2O3 phonons

责任者: Ivanov, S.N.;Barabanenkov, Yu.N.;Taranov, A.V.;Khazanov, E.N.;Yagi, H.;Yanagitani, T.;Takaichi, K.;Lu, J.;Bisson, J.F.;Shirakava, A.;Ueda, K.;Bagayev, 单位: Inst. of Radio Eng. & Electron., Russian Acad. of Sci., Moscow, Russia 来源出处: Physica Status Solidi B(Phys. Status Solidi B (Germany)),2005/08/,242(10):1983-9 摘要: The transport processes in highly transparent nanocrystalline laser-host ceramics based on C-modification of Y2O3 sesquioxide were investigated by the heat-pulse technique. The propagation kinetics of acoustic phonons was studied in the range of liquid helium temperature (1.7-3.8 K). A structural model for the grain boundary layers is suggested and their thickness is estimated 关键词: ceramics;grain boundaries;nanostructured materials;phonons;transport processes;yttrium compounds;nonequilibrium acoustic phonons;C-modification;Y2O3 sesquioxide;transport process;highly transparent nanocrystalline laser-host ceramics;heat-pulse technique;propagation kinetics;acoustic phonons;liquid helium temperature;structural model;grain boundary layers;1.7 to 3.8 K;Y2O3