Titanium oxide and polyaniline core-shell nanocomposites

2020-02-28 23:23:28

spectra titanium oxide polyaniline aminopropyl

责任者: Sze-Ming Yang;Feng-Yi Chuang 单位: Dept. of Chem. & Mater. Eng., Nat. Central Univ., Jhongli City, Taiwan 来源出处: Synthetic Metals(Synth. Met. (Switzerland)),20 Sept. 2005,152(1-3):361-4 摘要: The surfaces of titanium oxide nano-crystals were modified with γ-aminopropyl-triethoxy silane and N-phenyl-γ-aminopropyl-trimethoxy silane. Polymerizations of aniline on the modified titanium oxide nano-crystals were conducted. The composites were characterized by FTIR, ESCA and TEM. FTIR spectra indicate the formation of polyaniline. ESCA spectra of the composites show peaks of N with similar environment of N in polyaniline indicating the formation of polyaniline on the surface. The shape of the particles in the composite is spherical which is different from that of titanium oxide crystal and fibular structure of polyaniline polymerized under the same condition. [All rights reserved Elsevier] 关键词: ESCA;Fourier transform spectra;infrared spectra;nanocomposites;polymerisation;polymers;titanium compounds;transmission electron microscopy;polyaniline core-shell nanocomposites;titanium oxide nanocrystals;N-phenyl-γ-aminopropyl-trimethoxy silane;γ-aminopropyl-triethoxy silane;surface modification;polymerizations;FTIR spectra;ESCA spectra;TEM;fibular structure;TiO2