Characteristics of nickel oxide nanopowders prepared by electrical explosion of

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The explosion oxide nickel Nanopowders

责任者: Kotov, Y.A.;Bagazeev, A.V.;Beketov, I.V.;Murzakaev, A.M.;Samatov, O.M.;Medvedev, A.I.;Moskalenko, N.I.;Timoshenkova, O.R.;Demina, T.M.;Shtolts, A.K. 单位: Inst. of Electrophys., Russian Acad. of Sci., Yekaterinburg, Russia 来源出处: Glass Physics and Chemistry(Glass Phys. Chem. (Russia)),2005/07/,31(4):477-81 摘要: The preparation conditions and characteristics of nickel oxide nanopowders produced by electrical explosion of a wire in an N2+O2 gaseous mixture are considered. It is revealed that virtually all nanopowders of nickel oxide contain excess oxygen and that its amount depends primarily on the concentration of nickel vapors. The dependences of the particle size on the oxygen concentration and the overheating of the exploding metal are discussed. The nanoparticles are prepared in the form of single crystals and polycrystals with a rhombohedral lattice. The particles have different (from cubic to spherical) shapes and their size changes from 15 to 50 nm depending on the explosion conditions 关键词: explosions;nanoparticles;nickel compounds;wires;nickel oxide nanopowders;electrical explosion;wire;gaseous mixture;nanoparticles;polycrystals;rhombohedral lattice;NiO2