The publicity state and analysis of patents for nano science and technology in J

2020-02-26 02:31:35

electron nano science Japan patents

责任者: Wang Bu-Ran;Yang Bang-Chao 单位: Inst. of Micro Electron. & Solid Electron., Univ. of Electron. Sci. & Technol. of China, Chengdu, China 来源出处: Micronanoelectronic Technology(Micronanoelectron. Technol. (China)),2005//,42(1):19-21 摘要: The number and the fields of related patents in nano science and technology in Japan are analyzed. It can make us realize the development of nano science in industry in Japan, also can provide reference for the researchers in nano science in our country 关键词: nanotechnology;patents;publicity state;patent analysis;nanoscience;nanotechnology;Japan