Charge storage and photoluminescence characteristics of silicon oxide embedded G

2020-02-17 20:51:23

GE storage structures oxide trilayer

责任者: Das, K.;NandaGoswami, M.;Mahapatra, R.;Kar, G.S.;Dhar, A.;Acharya, H.N.;Maikap, S.;Je-Hun Lee;Ray, S.K. 单位: Dept. of Phys. & Meteorol., Indian Inst. of Technol., Kharagpur, India 来源出处: Applied Physics Letters(Appl. Phys. Lett. (USA)),2004/02/23,84(8):1386-8 摘要: Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with a trilayer structure consisting of the cap gate oxide, sputtered SiGe layers and thermally grown tunnel oxide were fabricated on p-Si substrates. The trilayer structures were rapid thermal annealed at 1000°C in nitrogen atmosphere for different durations. Cross-sectional transmission electron micrographs revealed the complete isolation of Ge nanocrystals in the sandwiched structure annealed for a longer duration. The optical and charge storage characteristics of trilayer structures were studied through photoluminescence spectroscopy and capacitance-voltage measurements, respectively. Under optimized annealing conditions, an enhancement of the charge storage capability of nanocrystals was observed in agreement with the optical emission characteristics 关键词: Ge-Si alloys;germanium;MOS capacitors;multilayers;nanostructured materials;optical storage;photoluminescence;rapid thermal annealing;silicon compounds;sputtered coatings;charge storage;photoluminescence;silicon oxide embedded Ge nanocrystal trilayer structures;metal oxide semiconductor capacitor;cap gate oxide;sputtered SiGe layers;thermally grown tunnel oxide;Si substrates;trilayer structures;thermal annealing;nitrogen atmosphere;cross sectional transmission electron micrography;Ge nanocrystals;sandwiched structure;optical storage;capacitance-voltage measurements;optical emission;1000 degC;SiO2-Ge;Si